How to Send TV Over the Internet

By Shawn Farner

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If you're a frequent traveler or want to catch your favorite show while on vacation, and in either case don't have access to a TV with cable, fortunately there are several options that allow you to stream your cable TV service over the Web. You can use a stand-alone device or software for your TV tuner-enabled computer to stream cable television over the Internet. You can then watch TV on a computer or another compatible device.

Step 1

Purchase a Slingbox. This hardware device connects to your home network and your cable TV service and allows you to stream TV channels over the Internet. You can watch TV remotely from another computer or a supported mobile device when you have a Slingbox.

Step 2

Download Orb. Those who have a TV tuner installed on their computer can use Orb to transmit television channels over the Web. The Orb service can be accessed via the Orb website or using the Orb application on smartphone platforms like iOS and Android.

Step 3

Install EyeTV. This is a software application for Mac users with TV tuners installed on their systems. Using EyeTV, you can stream TV over the Internet to other computers and to the iPhone and iPad apps provided by Elgato, the makers of EyeTV.