How to Send a Timed Anonymous Email

By Chad Davis

Some services enable you to schedule a message for a specific time.
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Scheduling an email for the future helps it appear as though you are sending your message at a later point in time. Most email providers don't offer the ability to schedule messages in the future; however, many free services are available to help you send a timed email message. While some free services allow you to send an anonymous email message, others require that you use a valid email address. Creating a new anonymous email account that is separate from your personal account helps you protect your identity.

Create an Anonymous Email Account

There are many free email service providers that you can use to create an anonymous email account. You can use a different name for the registration process to ensure that your identity remains anonymous. Some popular free email providers include AOL, Gmail and (links in Resources). Once you've created an anonymous email address you can use it as your sender's email address with email scheduling services, including Anonymous Speech,'s Email Capsules and FutureMe (see Resources).

Anonymous Speech

Click the "Register Here' on the Anonymous Speech website (link in Resources) and register for the service. Use a bogus email address for the "Sender Email Address" to keep your email anonymous, such as "[email protected]". Finish registering and then fill in your email fields on the following page. Click the radio button next to "Yes, Send Email Delayed" and then enter a date and time to schedule your email. Click the "Send Anonymous Email" to finish scheduling your email. Email Capsules

You can schedule an anonymous email to be sent on a future date using's Email Capsules (link in Resources). Enter the recipient's email address into the "Your E-mail Address" field, a subject into the "Subject Line" field and then a message into the large message field. Select "Private" in the Make This E-Mail box, select the date you wish the email to send into the Send This E-Mail On boxes and then click "Send This To the Future!" Click "Send To The Future" on the next page to schedule your email.


You can quickly schedule an anonymous email using Email Freezer (link in Resources). Enter your anonymous email address into the "Sender's Email" field, the recipient's email address into the "To Email" field and then fill in the subject and email message. Schedule a date using the "Deliver Email On" field. Enter the characters from the code box into the field above "Enter the Code Shown Above" and then click "Send Email to Freezer" to schedule your email. Log in to your anonymous email account and click the one-time verification link sent by FutureMe.