How to Send a Text Online to a NET10 Phone

By Andrew Todd

You can send a free text message to any NET10 cell phone from the NET10 website.
i texting a message on pda device image by Paul Hill from

If you have difficulty typing on a numeric keypad or would simply like to avoid the text messaging fee imposed by your cell phone provider, you can take advantage of a free text messaging option available online. Most cell phone providers, including NET10, allow you to send free text messages to any phone on their network via their website. You can send an unlimited number of text messages using your keyboard rather than your cell phone and you can even have the recipient reply directly to your cell phone. Sending messages from NET10's website will save you time and money, as well as spare you from the frustration associated with typing on your handset.

Navigate to the NET10 text messaging webpage from your web browser. A link to the page is provided in the References section.

Enter the intended recipient's phone number, including area code, in the box labeled "Send To:".

Enter your 10-digit phone number in the "Send From:" box. If you would like to send the message anonymously you can leave this field blank. You can also enter your number in the "Call me back at" box which will allow the recipient to return the text with a phone call.

Enter the message you would like to send in the box labeled "Your Message." The message is limited to 110 characters.

Press "Send Message" when you are finished and ready to send your text message.