How to Send Free Text Messages From a Computer to a Mobile

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If you don't have a mobile phone with a texting plan or just want to avoid messaging charges, you can use your computer to send free messages via the Internet. Some sites enable you to text both domestic and international mobile numbers, as well as receive replies through either email or on a special area of the site. Free registration may be required to send messages or may only be needed if you want to get replies. You don't need to have a mobile number to use these services.


Step 1

Navigate to the TextPort website (full link in Resources). This site enables you to send free text messages to various carriers and enables you to receive replies via email.

Step 2

Click the "Country" drop-down list and select the recipient's carrier if you know it. Otherwise, use the auto-select option. Type the person's phone number with area code in the "Send To" field.

Step 3

Type your email address and click the checkbox beside the "From" field.

Type a text message of up to 140 characters in the "Message" box and then click "Send." Any replies come to your email address, and you can reply to the email to continue the conversation.


Step 1

Navigate to the SendSMSNow website (full link in Resources). Click "Register" to create a free account that enables you to send and receive free text messages to various carriers worldwide. Check your email to confirm your registration and then log in to the site.

Step 2

Click "Send SMS" on the left menu. Click the drop-down list beside "Number" and select the recipient's country. Type the full phone number in the field to the right.

Step 3

Type your name in the "From" field. Type a text message of up to 130 characters in the "Message" box.

Click "Send SMS" and view the confirmation page. Click the "Provider" drop-down list and select the person's carrier if you know it. Click "Send SMS Now" to confirm and send the message. You can view replies on the site's SMS inbox page.

Text Em

Step 1

Navigate to the Text Em website (full link in Resources). This site enables you to send free messages without registration, but you need to register for an account to receive replies.

Step 2

Type the recipient's phone number in the "Text Message" form on the homepage. If you have an account with saved contacts, click the "Contacts" link and click the name of a contact to have the number filled in automatically.

Step 3

Click the "Mobile Carrier" drop-down list and select the person's provider. Type the text in the "Message" box. You can send up to 155 characters.

Step 4

Type the security code shown in the CAPTCHA image. If you're logged in, click a reply option to receive replies in your Text Em inbox or via email, as well as opt out of receiving replies.

Click "Send Message" to send the free text message.


  • While texting is free for you when using these sites, your contacts may still have to pay for the messages they receive or send.


  • While no registration is required to send domestic messages on TextPort, you need an account to send internationally, and you receive five free credits upon registration.
  • Access your SendSMSNow account's phone book to add your contacts. You can then select the contact's name from a drop-down list on the SMS sending form instead of having to type the phone number each time.

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