How to Send SMS Using MS Access

by Chanel Adams
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Microsoft Access is part of the Microsoft Office Suite. This program allows you to create flyers, brochures, newsletters and other types of documents. You can even send a short message service (SMS) to a person's cell phone, if needed. As you attempt to send the message, use Microsoft Access to attach a file you created. However, you will need to use Microsoft Outlook to send the email.

Step 1

Click "Start" and "All Programs." Select the Microsoft Office folder. Double-click on Microsoft Outlook.

Step 2

Select "New" at the top. In the "To:" field, input the person's cell phone number and carrier. For example, if your friend is on AT&T and his number is 959-555-0100, his email address would be

Step 3

Type a subject for your email in the "Subject:" line. This is optional, but you can inform the person of a new project or an upcoming deadline. For example, type "Deadline" or "New Project Venture," without the quotes.

Step 4

Compose your message in the field below the subject. Ensure that your message is 160 characters or less. Keep your SMS brief and to the point.

Step 5

Click "Attach" to attach a file from Microsoft Access. Search in your computer's programs and files for Microsoft Access. Then select a file and click "Insert."

Proofread your message. Press the "Send" button when satisfied.


  • Make sure the recipient's phone can view Microsoft Access files. For example, Windows Mobile devices can read and download these attachments.


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