How to Send SMS From a PC

by Louise Balle

You will most commonly send an SMS (short message service) text message to another person using your cell phone, but it is possible to do so from a PC or laptop as long as you have an Internet connection. It is very easy to send an SMS from your computer using convenient online services that are provided by your own cell-phone carrier.

Visit your cell phone carrier's Web site. The websites for the four major cell phone companies are,, and

Log onto your online account management site. Navigate to the "Messaging" or similar area. Click "Send a Text Message" or the similar option.

Type the contact's full cell number in the "Send To" field. You can send the text to multiple contacts, usually a maximum of about 10.

Type in your "From" name, which can be your real name or a nickname and the callback number to which the recipient can reply.

Enter a message that does not exceed 140 characters (the entry box won't let you go over the set maximum). There might also be a "Quick Text" option that will allow you to send a quick, simple message like "BHL8" for "Be Home Late."

Set the priority of the text to "Standard" or "Urgent" if that option is available. Click send. Allow a few minutes for the message to be delivered. You may also be able to save the message and send it later. When the recipient opens the text he will see the "From" name you set and call-back number.


  • check If you do not have a cell phone account, you can also use a third-party service like or to send an SMS to a cell phone holder from your PC. Before you do, examine the site's privacy policy to make sure that the cell phone number you enter will not be used for telemarketing or other commercial reasons.
  • check Some providers (like Verizon at and Sprint at allow anyone, even a non-subscriber, to send a text message from a PC to one of its subscribers. You may have to sign up for a non-subscriber account though, so that the subscriber won't be pestered by anonymous texts.

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