How to Send a Free SMS to Malaysia

By Palmer Owyoung

Sending text messages to Malaysia can be done for free if you know the right sites.
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Malaysia is located in South East Asia and has a population of approximately 10 million. Malaysians are very tech-savvy and love their mobile phones. If you happen to have friends or family in Malaysia, and wish to stay in touch, one way is via SMS, also called text messaging. However, sending lots of text messages overseas from your cell phone can get costly. An alternative way to send them is by using a website that allows you to send them for free.

Find a site that allows you to send international text messages. A few that you can use are Txt2Day, Text4Free, and CbfSMS (see Resources). As of August 2010, these are free and you do not need to register to use them.

Type in the phone number of the person in Malaysia who you are sending the text message to.

Find the telecom service provider in Malaysia and select it from the drop down box.

Type your message into the area that says "Message Body." You can use up to 140 characters. Click "Send." You have sent a free text message to Malaysia.