How to Send an SMS to Iran for Free

By Editorial Team

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A number of websites allow you to send free text messages to Iran. Using these services you can send as many SMS as you want. Some websites require you to register before accessing the free SMS feature. In any case, the services are completely free of cost. The recipient, however, will be charged as per his cellular plan.

Step 1

Send free SMS via SMSFree4All. Enter the recipient's number and select your provider. Enter the message into the text box. Verify the Captcha code and hit "Submit" to send your message.

Step 2

Send free SMS via SendSMSNow. This is a similar service with the only difference being that it requires you to register first. Registration is free of cost.

Step 3

Send free message via FriendshipKey. Enter the mobile number of the recipient and your message into the respective fields and click on "Click Here to Send Free SMS to Iran."