How to Send an SMS to a Fax

By Fred Mason

While it serves a small business niche, some companies have begun offering SMS-to-fax services.
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Sending Short Message Service (SMS) or text messages to fax machines is possible in several situations. Technological innovations have helped end-users get around one of the inherent problems with SMS-to-fax solutions: the fact that landlines do not support SMS. As SMS functionality is added to landlines, SMS-to-fax services should be supported by any fax machine.

Send your text message to an SMS-enabled fax machine. Some fax machines have the capability to receive text messages without any third-party add-ons. Examples include the Xerox FaxCentre F116 and the Xerox FaxCentreF110 Ensure that your recipient's fax machine can receive text messages before you send one.

Send your text message to a fax machine that operates on a Fixed Line SMS phone line. Some companies such as PCCW in China and Bezeq in Israel have begun offering fixed phone lines that support text messages, thereby enabling standard fax machines to accept SMS messages. Ensure that your recipient's fax machine is equipped with the appropriate phone line before sending your text message.

Download a third-party app for your phone to send text messages to a fax machine. While pure SMS-to-fax isn't offered on most modern cell phones, you can download mobile apps that will allow you to send a short text message to a fax machine by converting your typed text or photo to a fax-ready image. A $4.99 app for the iPhone, finarX Fax allows you to type in text and send it directly from your iPhone. To send a fax using finarX, add a recipient name, number and subject, then click "Add Page." Choose "Add a textpage" to type the text of your fax.