How to Send an SMS to a Cricket Customer

By Michelle Varsallona

Send a message from your phone or computer to a Cricket customer.
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If you are not a Cricket customer or if you do not have your cell phone at hand, you can still send a SMS text message to someone who does have Cricket service. You have a few different ways you can send a message to someone, by your cell phone, by email or by instant message. If you are on a computer, by email or instant message may be the easiest way to communicate with the person because the text message is free and you have the convenience of using a full keyboard and monitor.

By Phone

Open the messaging application on your phone.

Press "Menu" and select "New" or "Compose." You may also have a button on your phone that corresponds to "New" or "Compose."

Enter the recipient's phone number (add the area code if necessary) in the "To" line.

Type your message in the body.

Press "Menu" and select "Send," or press the "Send" button.

By Instant Message

Open the instant messaging program on your computer and log in.

Click "File" and choose to send an instant message.

Enter the country code ("+1" for the United States), the area code and the phone number of the recipient.

Type your message in the body of the instant message.

Click "Send."

By Email

Open your Web email or email program and log in.

Click "New" or "Compose."

Type the recipient's phone number, including area code, followed by "" in the "To" line.

Give the mail a subject and enter your message in the body of the mail.

Click "Send."