How to Send an SMS to Australia From the USA

By A.J. Hawkins

Free SMS text messages to Australia can be sent online.
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United States cellular service providers typically charge extra to send SMS text messages to a phone in another country. The charges can quickly add up, as the cost to send and receive a message from Australia can be more than 25 cents each. Several websites offer the ability to send an SMS text message to an Australian cell phone for free from the U.S.

Step 1

Navigate to the SMS Free 4 All website using your Internet browser. The link can be found in the Resources section on this page. This service allows you to send unlimited SMS text messages to Australia, unlike some websites which limit the amount to three per day.

Step 2

Enter the cell phone number where you would like the text to be sent.

Step 3

Select the cell phone's service provider from the drop-down list.

Step 4

Type the message you would like to send in the box below the number and enter the verification code displayed, then click "Submit."