How to Send a Signal to a Cell Phone

By Clayton Guebert

Lost your cell phone? Call it and listen for its ringing.
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With their portability and increasing technological sophistication, cell phone are ubiquitous in today's society. They are wide ranging in their capabilities; some can surf the Internet and record videos, while others can simply make and receive calls and send text messages. But one pitfall of cell phones is that they are easily misplaced. Fortunately, a wayward cell phone can be retrieved if you are lucky enough to be nearby and can make it ring by sending it a signal.

Use a computer to log onto the Internet and navigate to Where's My (see References). Enter the phone's number on the website. This sends a signal to the phone, which causes it to ring and reveal its location.

Find a landline phone and call your cell phone. If your phone is registered in a different area code from the landline's, make sure to dial 1 and then your phone's area code.

Send your cell phone a text message using another cell phone. Although you have to dial an area code, you don't have to put a 1 before the area code. Listen for the noise of your phone receiving a text message.