How to Send a Secure Fax Message

By UzoO

Traditional fax machines lack the security that online faxing technologies can offer.
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Because traditional faxing uses an unsecured public fax line, sending faxes can be an unsafe method of delivery for highly sensitive content. Any fax that fails to complete transmission can be intercepted by a third party. With the right online service, you do not have to worry about faxing delicate information.

Scan or convert any documents that will be a part of the fax message to PDF, which is the most widely accepted file type for online faxing programs.

Choose one of the online services offering secure fax messaging. Some of the better ones include Sfax, Trustfax and Innoport (see Resources section).

Register for your fax site's secure fax messaging program. Each of the recommended services offers at least a 14-day free trial before you have to pay.

Go to the "Send fax" section and enter your recipient's name and fax number.

Attach your PDF file to your message and send your fax through your service's secure fax technology.