How to Send a Link From Safari on iPhone

by Jose Leiva

The iPhone is a cell phone that allows users to do many things, including sending and receiving email, going online, streaming music and video, storing personal audio, making telephone calls and much more. If you are online on Safari with your iPhone and you want to share the link you're viewing, then you can send a link from Safari on your iPhone to anyone via email or SMS message.


Tap the web address bar at the top of your iPhone Safari web browser, and press and hold the URL address until you get a the "Select/Select All" options.


Press select all and then press "Copy."


Close the web browser and then press email, or text, depending on how you want to send the link.


Press the "Create New" icon and then tap on the blank space where you would usually type the message you were sending.


Press "Paste" and then type in a recipient for your message and press "Send."

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