How to Send & Receive SMS Online

By Joanne Cichetti

Send and receive SMS online for free.
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Short Message Service (SMS) is a method of sending messages of up to 160 characters, often by cell phone. However, you can also send and receive SMS on the Internet, which comes in handy when you're unable to send SMS from your phone. The good part is that this service is offered for free and you can send as many SMS as you want.

Send and Receive SMS Through TxtDrop

Go to TxtDrop website.

Enter your email address in the "Email" field.

Enter the recipient's cell phone number in the second field.

Enter your message in the message box.

Click "Send." Your message will be sent to the recipient without any fees. The recipient will be able to reply to the message just like an ordinary message but the message will be delivered to your email inbox.

Send and Receive SMS Through Send SMS Now

Go to the Send SMS Now website and click the orange button that says "Register." You will need to make an account on the website if you want to receive replies to your SMS. Membership is not required if you only want to send SMS.

Enter a username, password, email address, name, gender, city, country and other required details. Then check the box next to "I agree with the Terms and Conditions." Also, enter the security code in the empty field as you see it in the image.

Click "Register." Go back to the homepage of the website once you're registered.

Enter the number of the recipient in the first field. Also, provide your name in the second field.

Write down your text message in the message box. Click "Send SMS." The recipient will then be able to reply to your text, which you will receive in your "Send SMS Now" inbox. Keep the website opened for the reply to come. When it does, the inbox will display "(1) message". Click on it to view your message.

Send and Receive SMS Through Gmail Chat

Log onto your Gmail account by providing your username and password.

Click the "Settings" link on the top right side of the page. Select "Labs" from the Settings tabs. Scroll down the list and enable "Text Messaging (SMS) in Chat by The SMS Team." Then click "Save Changes."

Enter the recipient's cell phone number in the chat "Search, Add or Invite" field. As you enter the number, Gmail will show you the option to send him a text message.

Enter the message you want to send to the person in the message box. The message will arrive in the person's SMS inbox, to which he or she will be able to reply. You will receive the reply in the chat so don't close the video.