How to Send a PM on YouTube

By C. Taylor

YouTube relies on the Google Plus messaging system, which means you need to connect your YouTube channel to Google Plus through YouTube's account settings. Once connected, you can send a private message to other channel owners through the Send Message option on their About page. The recipient, however, must also be connected to Google Plus, or that option is hidden on their channel.

Linking Your Channel to Google Plus

Log in to your YouTube channel, open the Account Settings page (link in Resources) and then click "Connect Channel to Google+." If this option doesn't appear, your YouTube account is already linked with Google Plus. You can confirm this by the option "Edit on Google+" link next to your YouTube name. When connecting to Google Plus, you have the option to continue using your YouTube name, switch to your Google name or use a combination of both.

Sending a Private Message

Log in to your YouTube account and open another channel's About page by clicking the channel name at the bottom of any of the channel's videos. You can also find a channel by searching for the channel or Google Plus account name. Click "Send Message" to open the private messaging window, type your message and then click "Send."