How to Send Photos on Your Phone to Your Computer

by Maya Walker

Most mobile phones are equipped with a camera. The phones are designed to make sharing photos with friends and family as simple as making a few clicks. You can also send photos from a mobile phone to your computer. Photos on a mobile phone can be emailed to any email account. Emailing photos enables you to save the pictures to a computer's hard disk drive.

Press the "Menu" key, then select the "Pictures" folder. Depending on the phone's model, you may need to access "My Stuff" or "My Content" first to locate the "Pictures" folder.

Select a picture, then press the "Menu" key. Select "Send as MMS" or "Send as Email."

Enter your email address in the "To" field. If your email address is saved in the phone's contacts, select your email address from the list.

Enter a subject for the message in the appropriate field.

Press the "Menu" key, then select "Send."

Access your email account, then log in. Select the message from your mobile phone, then download the picture to your computer.


  • check Depending on your phone's model, you may be able to select multiple pictures to send at once. Press the "Menu" key when viewing the pictures, then select "Select Multiple," if it is an option.

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