How to Send Photos From My Computer

By Leonardo R. Grabkowski

The popularity of digital photography and email makes it easy to share your favorite photos with family and friends. Instead of mailing photographs, you can email them from your computer, saving you time and money.

Locate your photos and place them in an easily accessible folder, preferably on your desktop.

Right-click each photo and select "Properties" to determine the file size of the photo. Generally, photos larger than 1 MB need to be resized. While larger photos can be sent, they take much longer to load and could cause storage problems with the recipient's email account.

Open the photos and resize them appropriately, if needed.

Login to your email account and create a new email message. Type your recipient's name and your message.

Click on "Attachments" or "Attach a File." Click on "Browse" to find your photos in the folder on your desktop. Attach the photos one by one, and then send your email with the photos attached.