How to Send PDF Files Via Gmail (6 Steps)

By Brendan O'Brien

Gmail is a free Web-based email service provided by Google. The service allows you to send attachments such as a PDF to recipients. Keep in mind that you are not allowed to send files that are more than 25 MB.

Step 1

Save the PDF on your desktop since that is the easiest place to find files and folders.

Step 2

Open a browser and log in to your Gmail account.

Step 3

Hit the "Compose Mail" link under the Gmail logo on the left side of the Web page.

Step 4

Click on the "Attach a file" link under the "Subject" field. The link has a paperclip icon next to it.

Step 5

Browse for the PDF that you saved on your desktop in Step 1. Click the "Select" or "Open" button in the lower right corner of the dialog box.

Compose your email and click the "Send" button in the left corner of the window.