How to Send an Online Fax to PayPal

By Leyla Norman

PayPal customer service receives documents from account holders via fax.
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PayPal easily facilitates online payments for more than 225 million account holders. When one of these account holders needs to get a document to PayPal, the best way is to fax it to PayPal's customer service. Online faxing allows you to send the fax to PayPal via your email account so you do not have to waste time waiting in line for the fax machine and waiting for the confirmation report.

Open an account with an online faxing service such as RingCentral or eFax (see Resources). Some online faxing services charge a fee, while others do not. If you choose a free faxing service, you may have to send your fax with advertisements on the cover page. You may be restricted to just a couple faxes a day, as well.

Follow your online fax service provider's instructions for sending a fax. Some online fax companies allow you to use email to send faxes by attaching a document you want to fax to an email and sending it to a specialized email address that includes the fax number.

Send your fax to PayPal at 402-537-5734. This is a general fax number given to PayPal account holders who have to send in a document via fax. Note that each department has a different fax number. Call PayPal customer service at 888-221-1161 to get a number for the specific department you need to reach if, after calling customer service, you do not believe that this fax number will meet your needs.