How to Send Music to Your Phone for Free

By Meaghan Ellis

Music listening has probably become one of the most favored entertainment amenities offered with most mobile phones. Most phones with multimedia capabilities make music syncing and playback convenient, as there are cost-effective methods available to get the job done. Music can be transferred directly to the phone or to a memory card if it is MicroSD compatible from your computer. With proper instruction it should only take a 5 to 10 minutes to send multiple songs to your phone.

Connect the cell phone to the computer using its USB sync cable. Once the phone is connected properly, it should be recognized by the computer as a removable storage device.

Go to "My Computer" and click the phone's icon under the portable devices section that reads, "Devices with Removable Storage."

Access your computer's music folder, and go to the song files you want to move to the phone.

Control-click each music file you want to send to the phone. Control-clicking can be done by holding the "CTRL" command on the keyboard and clicking over each song file simultaneously.

Maximize the phone's removable storage window.

Drag and drop the highlighted song files to the phone's removable storage window.