How to Send Multiple SMS Messages on Google Voice

By Jocelyn Kerr

Send text messages to multiple people with Google Voice SMS.
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With Google Voice you can send SMS text messages to multiple people at once just as you can on a mobile phone. There are limits in place to prevent SMS spam, but the average user won't be affected by them. Plus, you can send and receive texts from your desktop computer or mobile device using the Google Voice app. Once you sign up for a free Google Voice number you can use it as you would any other phone number. SMS messages will come from your Google Voice number as if it were a mobile number.

Mobile SMS

Install the free Google Voice mobile app to send messages from your phone or tablet. In the app you'll see a Text option on the Menu screen. Tapping it displays a list of your messages. From any other screen tap the "Text" button at the top of the app. A blank text message page opens. Tap the "To:" field to add up to five recipients' phone numbers. If you have more than five recipients you'll need to send another message. Enter your text in the body field and tap "Send."

Desktop SMS

Log into your Google account and go to Voice. You'll probably have to scroll down to it from Google's master list of services. Find the list to the right of your username in the upper right corner after you log in. Click the "Text" button in the left menu and enter up to five phone numbers separated by commas. Then type your message into the message box and click "Send."

Multimedia Messaging

Multimedia Messaging Service, or MMS, is photo and video messaging. As of fall 2013 MMS isn't available to Google Voice users. You can send as many free text messages as you want, but no photos or videos.

International SMS

Google Voice supports messages sent to U.S. and Canadian numbers. Send messages to other GV users or to mobile users on any cellular network as long as the numbers are U.S. or Canada-based.