How to Send to Multiple Recipients Using Yahoo Mail

By Joshua Phillips

You can use both the CC and BCC fields in tandem when sending an email in Yahoo.
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Sending an email to multiple recipients is a time-saving convenience that many email clients offer their users, and Yahoo Mail is no exception. Yahoo enables you to add multiple recipients in two different locations when composing an email: the "CC" and "BCC" fields. While the "CC" field enables all recipients to see who else is receiving an email, the "BCC" field enables you to hide a specific recipient so the other recipients do not know he or she received the message. Yahoo does not disclose the maximum amount of recipients you can add to a message due to security concerns.

Step 1

Compose a new email, or reply to an email from within your Yahoo Mail account.

Step 2

Click the "CC" or "BCC" buttons to the right of the "To" field, depending on your needs. A "CC" or "BCC" field will appear underneath the "To" field.

Step 3

Enter each email address you want to receive the message. There is no need to separate the addresses by commas, as Yahoo separates each email for you automatically.

Step 4

Compose your email as normal, and click "Send" to send your message to multiple recipients. Depending on the number of recipients, Yahoo may require you to fill out a CAPTCHA form to send your email.