How to Send Money to Syria (5 Steps)

By Chanel Adams

Sending a money order may be safer than sending a check through the mail.
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Sometimes you need to send money in a pinch, and it may need to go to someone in another country. Those who want to send money to Syria have three options: international cash transfers, international money orders and international bank transfers. Only use international bank transfers if you trust and know the person to whom you are sending the money. Otherwise, there are quicker and safer ways of sending money--comparable to sending a check through the mail. You do not need to send money or a check in an envelope, which could be opened by someone other than the intended recipient.

Step 1

Determine how you want to send the money to Syria. International cash transfers allow you to send money online or over the phone. You have the ability to purchase money orders at convenience stores, gas stations, grocery stores or banks. Your local bank will have an international bank transfer service, which allows to you send money from your bank account to the recipient’s bank account.

Step 2

Visit the appropriate location for the type of money transfer you choose. Consider Money Gram or Western Union's Custom House to make an international cash transfer. Visit your nearest grocery store or convenience store if you decide to send a money order. Go to your bank if you want to do an international bank transfer.

Step 3

Fill out all necessary forms. Verify that you write the recipient’s name, address and telephone number. Write your name, address and telephone number under the “Sender’s Contact Information.” Include your bank account and the recipient’s bank account if sending an international bank transfer.

Step 4

Hand the payment to the money transfer agent. Show them your photo I.D. and verify that you have enough money to cover the costs of the transfer fee and your money transfer.

Step 5

Keep the receipt you receive. The receipt may have a number that allows you to track the money transfer online or by telephone.