How to Send Money to Serbia

By Jon Stefansson

Money can be easily sent to Serbia using one of several online services.
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Safely sending money internationally to friends, family or business associates in Serbia is made simple by several websites that specialize in money transfers. Each website differs in its method but all are widely used and considered a secure way to send money. Some companies impose a limit on the size of the transfer and most charge a fee for the transaction. Despite the fees and limits, sending money internationally over the Internet is cheaper than using a bank transfer.

Step 1

Go to the Western Union website and click "Send Money." Choose to send your money to Serbia over the Internet. On the next page select your state and "Serbia" from the drop down boxes. The "Money in Minutes" service is the only option available with Western Union between the United States and Serbia. Follow the instructions to complete your transfer. The recipient will have to visit a Western Union branch in Serbia in person to collect the money.

Step 2

Go to the iKobo website and click "Send Money Now." Enter your email and country you will be sending the money from. Enter your personal information to create an account. Follow the steps for sending money to arrange for your money to be sent to Serbia. The recipient will receive a pre-loaded Visa debit card in the mail containing the value of the transfer. The card will be in the recipients name to prevent fraud. The receiver in Serbia can withdraw the money from an ATM.

Step 3

Visit the PayPal website. Click the orange "Sign Up" button to begin the process of signing up for an account. PayPal acts as an online bank account from which you can upload or download money to and from your existing bank account. The process of signing up takes a few days to ensure maximum security and the person in Serbia must also have an active PayPal account to withdraw their money. PayPal can also be used to purchase goods and services online without the need to enter your bank details.