How to Send MMS From a PC to a Mobile

By Joanne Cichetti

Send MMS from PC to a cellular device for free.
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Prior to Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS), cell phone users were limited to communicating with plain text messages. MMS allows users to send text, images, video or a combination of these. Not only is MMS used for personal reasons, such as sharing of music videos between friends or sending an "I love you" card to someone special, but this service is equally useful for business and marketing purposes. For instance, companies send maps of their office address to visitors via MMS. Nowadays, it is also possible to send MMS from the Internet. If your cell phone does not support MMS, consider sending the message from your PC. While you could email the person an attachment of your file, MMS will instantly reach his cell phone, and he will read your message without the need of an Internet connection.

Go to a website that allows you to send MMS from the Web to cell phones (see Resources for links to some of these websites).

Click the "Choose File" button on the Web page and upload a photo or an image from your computer to the website.

Enter the recipient's phone number and select his country or carrier from the list. Some websites ask you to select the recipient's destination from the map. Specify where you are sending the message.

Add an additional message, if you want, in the message box. For instance, add your name in the message so the recipient recognizes the message sender.

Click on "Send MMS" or "Send Picture Message."