How to Send an MMS from a Laptop to a Cell Phone

By Maya Walker

Your recipient may be charged for downloading the MMS.
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Multimedia messaging is not limited to your cell phone. You can send media to a cell phone directly from your laptop via your email account. The file is sent as an attachment that the recipient can download and view, and the cell phone's mobile gateway is used to deliver it. The gateway is similar to an email account's domain. Emailing the file rather than texting it has many advantages – including potentially saving you money on data charges.

Step 1

Access your email account on your laptop computer. You must provide your email address or username and password to view your email account.

Step 2

Click “Compose” to open a new email message.

Step 3

Enter the email address for the recipient's cell phone in the “To” field of the blank email. The address consists of her 10-digit phone number and the mobile gateway. Use the listing provided by PC Magazine to find the gateway (see link in Resources). For example, a Boost Mobile customer's email address would be “[email protected].”

Step 4

Click “Attach” to select the file that you want to send to the cell phone. The attachment can include a picture, video or music.

Step 5

Enter any text you want to include with the message in the blank messaging field. Click “Send” to send your MMS message.