How to Send a Lotus Flower

by Gryphon Adams
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The lotus, a water lily that opens at sunrise and closes at sunset, grows in ponds and in other wet locations. The lotus blossom stands as a sacred symbol celebrated in Buddhist and ancient Egyptian art. Nelumbo lutea, also called American Lotus, Yellow Lotus and Water-chinquapin grows from Wisconsin to Main and along the southern United States from Texas to Florida. Nelumbo nucifera grows in Oceania and Asian and is known as Asian Lotus, Indian Lotus or Sacred lotus. It's challenging to find lotus in stock due to their popularity and short growing season.

Step 1

Prepare a message for a card to include with the lotus flower. Having it ready saves time when ordering.

Step 2

Find a florist or plant supplier that carries lotus flowers. Check online florist, plant and pond supply websites (see Resources), or call nearby businesses.

Step 3

Check that the florist delivers to the location where you wish to send the lotus flower. Most florists have wire service available and can send flowers internationally. Alternatively, send a live lotus flower plant from a plant or pond supplier.

Order the lotus flower. Provide the florist or supplier with the exact name and address of the recipient to assure delivery and pay by credit card.


  • Plan ahead--lotus plants bloom in spring and summer and suppliers often sell out.
  • Contact more than one florist or lotus supplier to compare prices.
  • Check unfamiliar businesses with the Better Business Bureau website.


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