How to Send a Banner That Lists Someone as a Scammer on a Date Site

by Kay Matthews

Internet dating sites have become prime targets for scam artists. Most dating sites allow you to report scammers to the website. There are also websites that allow victims to post a banner outlining their experiences with scammers to warn others.

Log in to the dating site on which you met the scammer and locate the "Contact Us" link. Report the actions of the scammer. Website staff will review your claims and possibly ban the scammer. The dating site will not post a banner about the scammer, but a ban may prevent the scammer from taking advantage of another person via that particular website.

Contact the FBI Internet Crimes division, if a crime was committed. The FBI has a special division that only investigates internet crime. Visit their website and click on the "File a Complaint" link. They refer the complaints to the appropriate law enforcement agency in the appropriate jurisdiction.

Visit the Stop Scammers website. Look in the left column to find "Submit Report" and click on it. Complete the form. The form requests your name. Use an alias if you prefer not to list your legal name.

Visit the Romance Scam website. This site is dedicated to fighting Nigerian and Russian romance scammers. This website requires registration in order to post a banner.

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