How to Send Large Files Over the Internet

by James T Wood

E-mail is a useful tool for sharing text and small files. But when files get larger, they tend to get filtered out by many e-mail servers. If you need to send a file that is larger than 10 MB, you usually will need to use something other than e-mail to get the job done. Depending on what you want to send, there are different services available to meet your needs.

Prepare your files to be uploaded. Rename them with a succinct, understandable name. Edit them to remove any unnecessary data (e.g., crop photos).

Upload your files to a free file-sharing site. Dropbox, Courio, and File Dropper are some examples. (See Resources)

Send the download link to the recipient of the file. Some of the services have a built-in e-mail service (like Courio), while others provide you with a link you can share or insert in a Web page (like File Dropper).

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