How to Send a JPG to a Cell Phone

By Shawn McClain

Any phone that can recieve MMS messages can recieve pictures.
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While some phones, like an iPhone or a BlackBerry, have dedicated software that lets you move pictures to the device, many phones have no way to import pictures. If your phone doesn't connect to your computer, and doesn't have a SDcard slot, you can still move pictures to your device by sending a Multimedia Messaging Service message, or MMS. There are a number of free website that will send your message, without you having to sign up or pay a fee.

Use to send pictures to any phone that has Verizon Wireless, Sprint, T-Mobile or AT&T as a carrier. The PixDrop website is simple and straight forward. All you have to do is chose the carrier of the phone you are sending the picture to, type in the number and hit the "Browse" button to find the .jpg file on your computer. Unfortunately, you cannot add a text message to go with the picture. The PixDrop website also claims that they are working on adding other carriers, although those four comprise most of the wireless users in the United States.

Go to the website if you are looking for a more robust text and MMS service. To send a MMS you first have to choose the recipients carrier from a drop-down box containing about 100 different national and international carriers. If you don't know the carrier, the website will direct you to a reverse lookup service where you can find out that information. Then you enter the phone number and browse your computer to find the picture. You also have to enter a code to prove you're a human, and then the picture and message are sent.

The website is mostly used for sending SMS messages, but on the left-hand side of the page they have a space for MMS as well. First you have to browse your computer to find the picture you want to send, then choose whether you want to send the MMS to a phone in India, or the rest of the world. Finally select the carrier from a drop down, enter the phone number and your name. Like PixDrop you cannot add a message, but after the MMS has been sent, you can simply use the right side of the page to send an SMS message, if you desire.

Send a free MMS to any cell phone in the U.S. using SMSFree4All lets you choose from a large list of domestic carriers, and even a few from Canada. You can then enter the phone number, type a message, and browse your computer for the picture you want to send. There is a 1MB limit on the size of the picture. You then have to enter a code to prove you are a human, and the message is sent.