How to Send Invitations on Facebook

by Anthony Diaz de la Vega

Facebook is one of the largest social networking sites on the Internet, allowing millions of people across the world to connect. Sending invitations to events through Facebook's event tools allows you to quickly and easily contact your friends about upcoming events. This is perfect for times when you do not want to spend hours personally contacting all of your acquaintances, or days writing and sending out personalized invitations. Making a Facebook event is a very simple process that lets you reach out to hundreds (or even thousands) of people quickly, and receive responses from them almost instantaneously.

Click on the "Events" tab on the applications icon at the bottom of the home page, then click the tab marked "Create an Event." Set the date, time and location of your event and add a description. Add an interesting, descriptive or funny picture to the event's profile if you would like.

Decide if you will allow some of your friends to be administrators for the party, and also whether it is an open or closed event. An open event means that anyone who has RSVP'd is allowed to invite others to the event while closed events are invitation-only. You can toggle between an open and closed event when first setting up the profile for it. The main event page will indicate to everyone whether the event is open or closed.

If you decide to host a closed event, name a couple of your friends as administrators which allows them to invite others as well. This is particularly helpful if you are new to Facebook and have a small friends list. On the guest list you will see two links next to each other: "remove | make admin." Click "Make Admin" to give that individual the ability to invite others to your closed event.

Click the option that allows you to send invitations and begin choosing people to add to the list. Facebook allows you to invite up to 100 people at a time, so keep track of who has already received an invitation if you plan to invite more than 100. Click the "Send Invites" tab and you are all set.


  • check Make sure that you use a title that is descriptive of the event and also grabs attention. "10th Annual Walk-a-Thon and Luncheon For Orphans!" is much more attractive than "orphan fundraiser," and is likely to receive more views simply on the basis of its title.


  • close Send your invitations to a targeted group of your friends, and avoid the urge to send an invitation to every single person on your list simply because you want a lot of people to show up. If you are hosting a tailgate party featuring a keg of beer it is (likely) inappropriate to invite your parents or boss. And if you are hosting an event at your new home in California do not invite all of your old friends back home in North Carolina. Sending such invitations will annoy people and make it more likely that they will ignore your future invitations, whether or not they would be interested in the event.

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