How to Send a Free International Text Message Online

By Susan Reynolds

If you have a friend or relative who lives in another country, you can send a free international text message online. This is a convenient option if your cell phone company does not text free messages to other countries. The text messages, also called SMS messages, must be less than 140 characters long. Some of these free websites let users send an unlimited amount of text messages per day. However, you will not be able to receive a text message back from the individual.

Send a Free SMS

Step 1

Go to the Send a Free SMS website. It lets people send free text messages to the USA and Canada.

Step 2

Type in your email, the phone number to which you want to send an SMS, the recipient's phone carrier, a subject line and message. The SMS message can only contain 100 characters.

Type in the PIN, located directly above the "Email" line. Click on "Send Free Text Message."

Text 4 Free

Step 1

Go to the Text 4 Free website, which allows people to SMS cell phones in 40 countries.

Step 2

Type in the recipient's phone number and his or her cell phone provider.

Step 3

Enter your message, attach an optional photo or file and enter the PIN.

Click on "Send Message."


Step 1

Go to the TxtDrop website, which lets people living in Canada or the United States to SMS people in other countries.

Step 2

Type in your email address and the recipient's phone number.

Type in your SMS message and press "Send."