How to Send HD to a TV in Another Room

By Stephen Benham

With the price of HD TV's reducing send HD TV to a TV in another room.
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Once you've experienced High Definition (HD) TV, watching Standard Definition (SD) TV appears dull. Many people have TVs in various rooms in their homes but not many have HD TV in their secondary rooms. However, with the price of HD TVs constantly falling, getting a second HD TV isn't much more expensive than an SD TV. Unless your HD TV has a built-in receiver, you need to either purchase a second receiver (which can be expensive) or send HD TV to another room using a cable connection.

Check the TV in another room is an HD TV, otherwise you will only be able to view an SD picture.

Check the back or your HD receiver in the main TV room to see how many HD sockets you have. These are known as HDMI sockets (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) and require an HDMI cable to link the receiver to the TV. Some TV's have integrated receivers and may not have HDMI sockets.

Connect your HDMI cable to an unused socket, if you have one, and then connect the other end to the HD TV in another room. Depending on where the other TV is you may need to work out the logistics of how best to fit the cable so you can close doors. You also need to consider the distance between the TVs. You can join HDMI cables with connectors or get a longer cable from your supplier.

Purchase an HDMI splitter if you only have one HDMI socket. You can get this from your supplier. The splitter has one end that goes into your HDMI socket then separates to give you two further outputs.

Connect the two HDMI cables, one for the main TV and the other for the TV in another room. Connect the second cable to the TV in the other room.

Check that your receiver is on, then switch on your TV in another room and you can watch HD TV.