How to Send Google Maps to a GPS

By Lysa D'Angelyse

You can send information from Google Maps directly to your GPS.
i Map or Atlas with keys image by steven Husk from

Navigating and locating an address is easy to search with websites such as Google Maps. If you have a navigation device or GPS, you can send the information from Google Maps directly to your GPS, with a few simple steps.

Log on to Google Maps.

Enter your destination or cross streets in the "search" field. The location will appear on the map and the actual address will appear as a link on the left.

Click the link labeled "more" under the address. A pop up selection window will appear below--choose "Send."

View a separate window with options that you can send the Google Maps information to including email, phone or GPS.

Select "GPS." You will notice the address already entered in the name field.

Select the "brand" of your GPS. You will see a "Use as default" box marked. Uncheck the box, if you do not wish to keep this brand as your default selection. You will see an area below that to enter a phone number and a separate box to input notes.

Click "Send" and the information will be sent to your GPS. If your GPS software has not been installed, you will see an alert window after sending that will assist in installing the software, so that the information from Google Maps will send successfully.