How to Send a Gift on PayPal

By Chad Davis

Send money using your PayPal balance, bank account, credit or debit card.
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Transfer money to someone via PayPal even if she doesn't have a PayPal account of her own. PayPal enables you to use your account to send money as a gift to almost anyone with a valid email address. Using PayPal's "Send Someone Money…" transfer feature, you can easily send money by entering an email address and the transfer amount. The recipient will receive an email from PayPal indicating that you have sent her money. The recipient can then register for a free PayPal account, or sign in with her existing one, to access the transferred funds.

Step 1

Log in to your account on the PayPal website.

Step 2

Mouse-over the "Transfer" drop-down and click "Send Someone Money…"

Step 3

Enter your email address into the "From (Your Email Address)" field. It is recommended that you use an email that you check regularly, and that the recipient will find familiar.

Step 4

Enter the email address for the person you're sending the money gift to into the "To (Their Email Address)" field.

Step 5

Enter the amount that you want to send into the "Amount" field (without the currency symbol). If necessary, select the appropriate currency for your transaction in the drop-down box next to the "Amount" field.

Step 6

Click the "Continue" button.

Step 7

Enter an optional custom subject and message into the "Subject" and "Message" fields.

Step 8

Click the "Send Money" button once you have customized your message and reviewed the details of your transaction. PayPal sends you a receipt to the email address you provided.