How to Send a Friend Request to a Celebrity on Facebook

by Melissa King
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Many celebrities, including popular actors, actresses and singers, use Facebook to connect with their fans on a personal level. If you're interested in improving your social connections, try sending a celebrity a friend request. Many A-list celebrities might be too busy to accept your request, but you may have luck with a lesser-known or local singer or actor. Your chances improve if you've met the celebrity before or already know him personally. Even if the celebrity doesn't accept your request, you can still follow him on Facebook.

Step 1

Go to Facebook and sign in to your account. Type the celebrity's name in the search bar at the top of the page. Click the name in the results list, or if you don't see it in the list, click "See More Results."

Step 2

Click "Add Friend" next to the celebrity's name on his page.

Step 3

Enter a message to the celebrity in the Message field. You might explain how you know the celebrity. For example, remind him of an event you attended together or mention a person who you both know. If your message feels personal and the celebrity knows or remembers you, he's more likely to accept your request.

Click "Send Request." If the celebrity accepts, his name will appear on your Friends list.


  • If the celebrity denies your friend request, don't send him any more requests. If you're reported for harassment, Facebook may block your ability to send friend requests to anyone.


  • Facebook only recommends sending friend requests to people you know in real life, such as co-workers, family members or classmates.
  • To follow the celebrity without sending a friend request, go to his page and click "Follow." If the celebrity doesn't allow people to follow him, you will not see this option.


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