How to Send a Fax From Word

By Anni Martin

You have choices for how to send a fax, like using Word.
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The ability to send a fax used to mean a walk down to the office fax machine or a drive to a local business service that would fax for you. Now you can send your important faxes straight from Microsoft Office Word 2007 to a recipient anywhere in the world without ever leaving your desk. You can use an Internet fax service to send your document, or you can use a fax modem built into your printer. Either way, you now have the convenience of faxing at your fingertips.

Use the Send Command

Start Word. Create the fax cover page by clicking on the Microsoft Office Button and clicking "New." In the left task pane labeled "Templates," click on the "Faxes" link. Select a fax cover page thumbnail and click "Download." Fill in the information for the cover page.

Create the fax document you want to send below the cover page. Save the document by clicking on the Microsoft Office Button and clicking "Save." If the template you chose was created in a previous version of Office, "Compatibility Mode" appears in the title bar. Save the document as usual. A prompt appears letting you know the template was created in a previous version and asks you to save it in Word 2007 format. Click "OK" to save the file.

Click on the Microsoft Office Button and click "Send." Click on "Internet Fax" from the menu. If you have not set up an Internet fax service, you will be directed to a website to set one up. Click "OK" to set up a fax service.

Choose one of several fax services available, such as InterFAX, Concord or RingCentral. Even though some of the services have a free trial version, you still need to enter information such as an email address, a credit card number, and a choice of billing plan.

Click on the Microsoft Office Button and click "Send" again once the service is activated. Click on "Internet Fax," fill in the required information depending on which service you chose, and send the fax.

Use the Fax Printer Command

Open Word and the document you need to send via fax. Click on the Microsoft Office Button and click "Print" to open the Print dialog box.

Click on the "Name" drop-down field and select the fax modem from the list. You need to have a fax modem installed on a printer, the printer needs to be plugged into a phone jack, and the fax modem software needs to be installed on the computer, or this will not work. Click "OK" to start the Fax Wizard.

Follow the instructions to add information to the fax such as the recipient's name and phone number and fax cover sheet options.

Click "Finish" to send the fax.