How to Send a Fax Using Skype

By Kathleen Hurst

Skype can be used as an alternative to a fax machine.
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Skype is a computer program that allows its users to make voice or video calls over the Internet. Skype can dial either home and mobile numbers or the accounts of other Skype users. The unique nature of the program also means that it can be used to complete other tasks, including sending faxes to other users or outside fax numbers.

Step 1

Download and install the PamFax program for Skype -- found at -- which is Skype-approved and acts as an add-on to the program. You will have to register for an account.

Step 2

Sign in to both Skype and PamFax. The PamFax main menu will pop up on the screen. On the main menu, click "Send a File." Locate the file you want to fax. If you are using a Windows computer, you can also scan in the document.

Step 3

Enter the fax number and the addressee to which you are sending the fax. Click "Next." On the next screen, you may also include a cover page.

Step 4

Choose your method of notification -- PamFax will notify you either through Skype, text message or email. Click "Next." You may also save your selection as the default option.

Step 5

PamFax will prompt you to pay, which you can do through Skype or PamFax credit. You will have the option on this screen to either preview or send your fax. When you send the fax, the cost will be deducted from your account's credit line.