How to Send a Fax to the UK

by Charlie Higgins
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If you need to send a document to someone in the United Kingdom, a fax may be the solution for you. While e-mail seems to have become the more dominant form of document transmission, faxing is still a quick and easy way to instantly send documents in their original form. To send a fax successfully to the UK, you must enter the required international dialing codes in addition to the local fax number.

Step 1

Check that your fax is able to dial internationally. Your business or home telecommunications plan may not include international calls.

Step 2

Insert your document into the fax machine.

Step 3

Dial "011", followed by the numbers "44". These numbers will tell the fax machine that you wish to send a fax to the United Kingdom.

Step 4

Enter the local area code. See Resources to look up the required city code.

Step 5

Enter the local fax number you wish to send your fax to.

Press "Send." Check the fax's monitor (or a printed report, if provided) to make sure that the fax was sent successfully.


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