How to Send a Facebook Confirmation Code to Google Voice (11 Steps)

By Avery Martin

A Google Voice account requires you to associate your mobile phone number.
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Verifying your Facebook account with Google Voice requires you to properly configure your Google Voice account settings. By setting up Google Voice to redirect your phone calls to your cell phone or home phone, you can receive a text or voice message to confirm your account. Facebook often requires you to confirm new accounts when your account shows unusual activity or you want to add additional features such as the ability to use a custom Facebook URL. Once you confirm your account, you can continue using Facebook as normal.

Google Voice Setup

Step 1

Access the Google Voice website (link in Resources).

Step 2

Click on your Google Voice number listed in the sidebar.

Step 3

Click the "Phone" tab and check the option to forward your calls to Google Chat or your mobile phone. Your changes save automatically.

Step 4

Click the "Voicemail & Text" tab and check the "Transcribe Voice Mail" option if you want to receive a voice confirmation from Facebook. Check the "Forward Text Messages to My Email" option to receive a text message. Select "Save Changes."

Facebook Confirmation

Step 1

Access the Facebook Mobile Settings page (link in Resources).

Step 2

Click the "Add a Phone" button and select the "Add Your Phone Number Here" link in the dialog box.

Step 3

Select "United States +1" from the Country Code drop-down list.

Step 4

Enter your phone number and select "Sending Me a Text" or "Give Me a Call" to send the notification code to your Google Voice account.

Step 5

Check your email if you sent a text message or answer your phone if you receive a call from Facebook.

Step 6

Enter the confirmation code from the text message or voice message into the Confirmation Code box on Facebook. Click "Confirm."

Step 7

Check the option to "Turn on Text Notification," if desired and click "Save Settings."