How to Send Email to Voicemail or Text

By LissaJ

Send Emails to Voice or Text Messages
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A voice mail and a text message are two ways of communicating with people in your life. When you have a phone, you can call a cell phone and leave them a voice mail. You can also use your phone to send a text message to the person's phone. If you are only at your computer, however, you can still contact someone's phone. By using various online programs, you can write an email that will be sent to a voice mail box or to a text message inbox of the person who is receiving it.

Find an online site that sends your emails to voice or text messages. There are several listed here for you to choose from, although there are hundreds of sites online that cater to this type of service.

Sign up for an account with the site you have chosen. Most sites require you to give a user name and a password, and some require you to give your cell phone number for verification

Select the "to" section of the website in order to send an email to someone's voice mail or to their text message inbox.

Put the phone number of the receiver into the "To" section of the website.

Type the email that you would like to send into the email box.

Decide if you would like the message to go to a voice mail or text. Some sites only have one choice, so if you want a specific one and the site you use doesn't offer it, try another site. Other sites allow you to choose between the two for each message.

Click "Send" to send the email to a voice mail or text inbox.