How to Send a Document to an Email Address in Outlook

by ContributorUpdated May 08, 2020
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You want to share a document with a colleague, but don’t want to print it out. To save time and postage, you’ve decided to email it instead. You can send documents directly from a Word application or your email program. Assuming you have an email program installed and setup on your computer, the steps to attaching a document are straightforward.

Sending Document from Outlook Express or Microsoft Outlook

Open your email program. Then click on the “Create Mail” button (in Outlook Express) or “New message” button (in Microsoft Outlook).

New message in Outlook email.

Enter the recipient’s email address into the “To” field, a subject and a message. Click on “Insert” and “File Attachment” (in Outlook Express) or “Attach” (in Microsoft Outlook). As a shortcut, click on the paperclip to find the document you want to send.

Attaching file to Outlook email.

Double-click on the file to attach it to your email. You can browse your computer for files or upload files through OneDrive (the cloud). Then click “Send.”


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