How to Send Songs to My Cell Phone Through My Email

By Michael Jones

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If you have a bunch of songs saved on your computer, you can easily send them to your cell phone through an email. Most mobile carriers offer a free gateway service that will allow you to send an email as a text message. In this message, you can attach files just as if you were sending a normal email. Plenty of services online will help you send songs to your cell phone, but they will likely charge you for their service. If you have the songs saved on your computer, you can also connect your phone to your computer and transfer the files using a drag and drop method.

Step 1

Log in to your Internet browser and open up your email.

Step 2

Compose a new message and attach any songs you would like to it. You add an attachment to your email by clicking on the attachment icon which is represented by a paperclip symbol. Once you click on the attachment icon, you can navigate to where your file is saved and double-click on it. The number of songs you will be allowed to attach depends on the size of each song. Your email will only support a certain number of attachments.

Step 3

Find your cell phone's gateway address. Each carrier has a different gateway address, but all require you to enter the phone number you want to send the message to. For example, to send an email to an AT&T subscriber, you would send your email to (10-digit phone number) Boost Mobile is (10-digit phone number) and Verizon is (10-digit phone number) You should be able to find this address in your user's manual. The link in the References section has a list of the gateway addresses for major service providers.

Step 4

Send your email to your cell phone using its specific gateway address.

Step 5

Open your cell phone and go to the "Messages" menu. Once there, open up the the inbox of your text messages.

Step 6

Open the message you just sent to yourself and download any attachments. Once downloaded, you can save the songs to your "Audio" folder. Once your songs are saved, you can play them on your phone's music player or set them as a ringtone.