How to Send Blinking SMS

by Mary McNally
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A blinking SMS message grabs your recipient's attention almost immediately by landing and blinking on his cell phone screen instead of in his phone's SMS inbox. You can either blink the whole SMS or only parts of the message for emphasis. Every SMS service provider may have a slightly different way to make your SMS message blink, but the process is fairly simple, as long as you and your recipient have phones that are capable of sending and receiving blinking SMS.

Step 1

Open the SMS app on your cell phone.

Step 2

Type "flash" without the quotes on the first line of the screen.

Step 3

Type the recipient's number without dashes on the next line.

Step 4

Use the next line for your text message. Use angle brackets like these: < and >, around any text you would like to blink.

Send the message to the number provided by your SMS provider. For example, Yahoo's SMS number is 58243.


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