How to Send Bing Maps to GPS

By Shawn Farner

Your GPS unit uses the Bing Maps data to guide you to your destination.
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The "My Places" feature in Bing Maps is a useful tool for those who want to keep track of certain landmarks, such as a relative's home or a favorite restaurant spot. My Places allows you to export these locations out of Bing Maps and save them as a GPX file, which is a standard file readable by many types of GPS units. Downloading your saved places from Bing Maps and uploading them to your GPS can make navigating to these places much easier.

Step 1

Visit the Bing Maps website.

Step 2

Click the "My Places" link.

Step 3

Click on the place you'd like to export to highlight it.

Step 4

Open the "Actions" menu, click "Export" and then click "GPX." This downloads the location's GPX file to your PC.

Step 5

Upload the GPX file to your GPS navigation unit. Consult your GPS unit's user manual for more information on how to upload GPX files to your particular device.