How to Send an AVI File by Email

By Robert Ceville

AVI files are usually too big to send as an attachment.
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AVI files are usually too big to send as an attachment. Luckily, there are many file share sites that can upload and send your AVI files as an attachment for you. All it takes is uploading the file, marking the recipient, and clicking "Send It."

Step 1

Visit either,, or and choose the AVI file that you want to send. You will either have to click "Browse" or "Select File" to locate the AVI on your computer, depending on the site that you use. The upload size limit depends on the individual site, but can range from a few 100Mb to a couple Gigabytes.

Step 2

Put in the recipient's email address. Some sites do not require a recipient's address, but offer a download link directly from their site after upload. Put in your own email address as well, since the download link is also sent to you.

Step 3

Click "Upload" or "Send It" to begin the uploading process. When the upload is complete, you will either receive a download link from the site or a confirmation email message.

Step 4

Log into your email account and forward the download link for the AVI. If you receive the download link from the file sharing website instead of an email, copy the URL from the site and paste it into a new email message. Send that message containing the download link to the recipient.