How to Send Attachments on Yahoo

By Aaron Parson

Like all email services, Yahoo Mail supports attaching files from your computer, and Yahoo expands on that standard with the option to send files directly from Dropbox or Flickr. By attaching a document, rather than rewriting text into an email's body, you preserve the file's formatting. Share an image via email and you can keep the snapshot between you and the recipient, as opposed to sharing it on Twitter for all to see.

Attach a File on Your Computer

Step 1

Start an email.

Click "Compose" in Yahoo Mail to start a new message, or click "Reply" on an existing email.

Step 2

Choose to attach a file.

Press the "Attach File" button, which looks like a paperclip, beneath the message either before or after writing the text of the email. Make sure your recipient notices the attachment by specifically mentioning it in your message.

Step 3

Select the files.

Select one or more files on your computer and press "Open." To select multiple files, click and drag a box around them or hold "Ctrl" and click on each individually. Yahoo can send emails up to 25MB in size, including the email text itself and all attachments. The process of attaching files increases their size by about a third, so you might need to send fewer files than expected to fit in this limit.

Send the message.

Press "Send" after completing your email to send the message and attachments. To remove an attachment before sending the message, click "Remove" or "Remove All" in the attachment list beneath the message.

Attach from Dropbox or Flickr

Step 1

Share a Dropbox or Flickr file.

Open the drop-down menu next to the "Attach File" button in a new email and pick either "Share from Dropbox" or "Share from Flickr."

Step 2

Sign in to Dropbox.

Sign in to your Dropbox account if you chose "Share from Dropbox." If you're sharing images from Flickr -- owned by Yahoo -- Yahoo Mail automatically uses the Flickr images on the same Yahoo account as your email, so you don't need to log in.

Step 3

Link your Dropbox account.

Press "Link Account" to tie your Yahoo and Dropbox accounts together, saving you the time of logging in to Dropbox when writing future emails. Sharing from Flickr does not require this step.

Select a file.

Select a file from Dropbox or an image on Flickr. To select multiple items, click on each in turn. Press "Choose" -- or "OK" if using Flickr -- to attach the files to your email. After inserting files or photos, write and send your message as usual.