How to Send Anonymous Faxes Online

By Louise Balle

Online fax services now make it simpler for people to generate and send faxes. You do not need paper or an expensive fax machine to send your message---all you need is an Internet connection and an account with an online fax provider. Some faxing options don't even require an account.

Use FaxZero to send faxes anonymously online (see References). This is a browser-based solution that does not require you to start an account. Enter the receiver's information, including name, company and fax number. To send the fax you need to provide a name and email address, which can be any name and email you desire. You're allowed to send two faxes (up to three pages long) each day for free, but if you want to send more, you can choose the option for a premium fax transmission.

Try Free Fax as another option for sending a fax online anonymously (see References). You do not have to be a member. Type in your fax message along with an email address and the fax number of the recipient. You'll receive a confirmation via email. You can also create an account with the service if you'd like. The service is supported by advertising, so you may have a short ad printed on the fax transmission.

Send a fax anonymously using Got Free Fax as another alternative (see References). You need enter only a name (even if it's just "Anonymous") and an email address. With this service you have the option to type in a message or upload a document from your hard drive. You can send up to two faxes a day for free with a three-page maximum per fax and your recipient will not see ads on the cover page. You also have the option to send more pages or more than two faxes per day by paying for an upgraded service.