How to Send an Anonymous eCard

By Palmer Owyoung

Sending anonymous ecards is easy.
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Ecards are email greeting cards that have become a popular way to communicate. There are hundreds of sites that will allow you to send cards on all manner of topics completely for free. In some cases you may wish to remain anonymous if you are sending your card to someone that you secretly admire or to a colleague or boss that you don't particularly like. So there are a handful of websites for this as well.

Find a site that allows you send ecards anonymously. A few that you can use are GetRevengeonYourEx, AnonymousHints and Christianet (see Resources below).

Use GetRevengeOnYourEx. As the name would imply, these cards are rather rude in nature and are designed to get a response from the receiver. After you have selected a card type in the email address and the name of the receiver. Click on "Add to Basket" and enter your payment details. As of 2010 these cards cost $4.50 each.

Use AnonymousHints. This site has cards that specialize in telling people rude things that you can't tell them in person. For instance that they talk too loudly, have bad breath or that their wife is cheating on them. After you've selected a card, enter the email address of the recipient and click "Send." As of 2010 these cards are free.

Use Christianet. This selection of ecards is mostly about friendships, humor, love and Christian greetings. To send an anonymous card, enter the recipient's name and email address (it asks for the sender's name and email as well, but these aren't required). Enter your message. You are also required to enter a bible quiz question. Click "Preview." Check your message and card to see if they look all right and click "Send."